25 06, 2022



FADOS Multiplexer FADOS Multiplexer Module uses for testing and checking electronic circuit boards. Check and create VI graph of 96 or more electronic circuit points in a while. ATTENTION:FADOS MUX Module works with FADOS9F1 together. FADOS9F1 for MUX software is different than standart FADOS9F1. FADOS MUX is not suitable to standart FADOS9F1. [...]

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26 06, 2018

GSASMSPL at Electronica 2018


Electronica-India 2018, which debuted in 2000, is now the leading platform for electronic components, systems, and applications in India. The latest editions impressed with a high internationality of exhibitors as well as a supporting program with a top-class line-up at the conferences. Electronica-India 2018, this year is going to be hosted at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center [...]

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16 12, 2017

FAult Detector and OScilloscope 7 Functions in 1


FADOS multifunction circuit board testers have been specially developed by ProT Ar-Ge to determine and troubleshoot faults at all types of electronic circuit boards. They are basically computer-based VI testers. The FADOS7F1 stands for FAult Detector and OScilloscope 7 Functions in 1. [...]

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16 09, 2014

FADOS Multifunctional Circuit Testers


PCB Fault Detectors PCB fault detection and board comparison are key steps while servicing equipment. We have partnered up with Prot Ar-Ge, who designs and manufactures electronic-based projects such as FAult Detector and PC OScilloscope which are cost-effective and efficient tools that give in-depth knowledge about the various technical specifications of the board you [...]

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