19 02, 2024

Live Webinar | Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS)


Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) If you are considering the utilization of Cortex-M-based devices and entry-level Cortex-A-based devices, and are seeking a standardized interface for device support that spans across different silicon vendors and software, we invite you to register for our upcoming webinar. Simply follow the link provided to secure your spot. [...]

Live Webinar | Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS)2024-03-06T16:37:01+05:30
24 01, 2024



Cradle CFD is a series of practical, state-of-the-art CFD simulation and visualization software. Embracing remarkable processing speed, refined technology, and proven practicality verified by high user satisfaction, it has been in use for diverse applications, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Building and Architecture, Civil Engineering, Fans, Machinery, and Marine developments, to solve thermal and [...]

8 12, 2023

QR Code Page


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16 11, 2023

Live Webinar | Advantages of the Simulation of the Embedded Software


Advantages of the Simulation of the Embedded Software Simulating embedded software is often more cost-effective than running tests on physical hardware, especially during the early stages of development. It eliminates the need for expensive hardware prototypes and reduces the risk of damaging hardware during testing. Some of the advantages include. Faster Development Cycles: With [...]

Live Webinar | Advantages of the Simulation of the Embedded Software2023-12-01T17:04:03+05:30
15 11, 2021

Webinar | Hierarchical and Multi-Channel Designs with Altium Designer


Having clean and organized project files and logic is about much more than just aesthetics. A logically planned project is easy to navigate for not only the design team but for external stakeholders as well. Adopting a hierarchical design structure in Altium Designer can do just this. You’re able to modularize your schematics into [...]

Webinar | Hierarchical and Multi-Channel Designs with Altium Designer2021-12-01T14:35:14+05:30
28 01, 2019

GSASMSPL at India Electronics Week 2019


The GSASMSPL recently participated in India Electronics Week (IEW) on 26th to 28th February 2019 at KTPO Trade Center, Whitefield,Bangalore . India Electronics Week (IEW) is an annual event organized in Bangalore by Electronics For You (EFY) Group and is supported by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Electronics India and Digital [...]

GSASMSPL at India Electronics Week 20192019-03-08T20:21:23+05:30
11 08, 2015

Flash Programming Solutions


GSASMSPL in partnership with Promik offers Flash Programming Solutions with a range of trusted hardware and software solutions for flashing and testing devices, PCB, and completed electronic control units. These products and solutions leverage emerging technologies (e.g., inline manufacturing systems) so customers can be assured of a low cost of ownership. We will also [...]

Flash Programming Solutions2023-01-28T11:44:16+05:30
30 04, 2014



GSAS-86/88E is an economical version of our advanced microprocessor trainer GSAS-86/88-3. It is a powerful, general-purpose microprocessor trainer which can be operated either with 8086 CPU or 8088 CPU in maximum mode of operation. It can be configured for different modes of operation. […]

GSAS 86E2023-11-06T15:31:17+05:30
30 04, 2014

GSAS 86/88-A


GSAS 86/88-A is an advanced version of our popular model GSAS 86/88-A. It is a powerful, general-purpose 16-bit microprocessor trainer. The system expansion can be easily done through the system bus connectors.GSAS 86/88-A comes with a keyboard monitor, serial monitor, single line assembler, disassembler, and driver programs for parallel printer [...]

GSAS 86/88-A2023-11-06T15:36:56+05:30
30 04, 2014



GSAS 85A is a microprocessor trainer with standard features like small keypad, LED display, monitor program etc, has become popular in training and development areas probably due to its low cost. Microprocessor applications are increasing and the requirement for a more advanced microcomputer trainer with powerful system software & additional hardware started growing. GSAS 85A [...]

GSAS 85A2017-08-07T16:06:10+05:30
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